Boxing Game


Use the A-button to teleport around the game environment. Once you've found the red boxing ball, you can press the red button to start the game.

During gameplay, you'll have 10 seconds to hit the boxing ball as many times as possible. Remember, each time you play the game, you'll need to pay 1 credit.

If you manage to beat the high score, you'll be rewarded with credits percentage based on the amount stored in the smart contract. This means that the more credits there are in the smart contract, the more you can potentially earn if you achieve a high score.

When you're ready to exit the game, simply head over to the door where the sign says "exit" and touch the door handle. This will end your game session and allow you to leave the game area.

So, keep these instructions in mind as you play the boxing game. Work on improving your skills and aim to beat the high score to earn credits. Good luck and have fun!