An open VR world

Alpha live Q1 2023

The alpha version will be live in Q1 2023 for all the players to play the game at home.

play 4 fun

When the game is fun to play, people will come and stay


Live demo gameplay


Besides the play 4 fun aspect, Choiverse will also implement features that utilises blockchain techonolgy only when necessary

Free 2 Play

Explore and interact with the choiverse for free


Stake your CHOI tokens and earn yield in ETH

play & earn

Play the game and earn NFTs


Own in-game assets and land in the form of NFTs and buy/sell them on our own marketplace


What is Choiverse?

Choiverse is an open VR world with blockchain integration. The gameplay is similar to Minecraft, but then in VR. You can basically do anything. Hunt monsters, cook dinner, buy land and build your own house and much more. Explore the Choiverse to find out what else you can do!

Where is blockchain used?

In-game assets and land are NFTs, therefore you have ownership. You can acquire these NFTs in game or on our own marketplace. Staking the CHOI token will reward you in real yield (ETH). You can acquire the CHOI token by buying it on our LP (liquidity pool) (not live yet)

How do you generate revenue?

We generate revenue from brand deals, advertisements, in-game betting, fees from CHOI swaps, token swaps and NFT marketplace sales

How does your token have value?

the CHOI token is used for the marketplace to buy in-game assets and land. Furthermore by staking the CHOI token, you are rewarded with real yield (ETH) that is acquired through the revenue model. You cannot earn the token in the game.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact us.